General Management and Administration Salary Survey

Job levels
Job functions

The XpertHR General Management and Administration Salary Survey has pay data on core white collar roles from director level through to general managers, secretaries and admin staff. The survey also covers a number of specialist jobs, including company secretaries and in-house lawyers, facilities and buildings managers. Salary tables for both basic pay and basic pay plus bonuses are further broken down by location, industry, job function, number of employees, company turnover and gender, with the option to combine various refinements using the XpertHR Job Pricing tool. In addition, the survey reports on pay settlements and pay movements for matched groups of employees over the previous 12 months, and provides data on bonus payments, car allowances, and labour turnover. The current data was published in February 2017.

Top job titles in this survey

  • Administration Assistant
  • Administrator
  • Secretary
  • Operations Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Multiskilled Operative
  • Personal Assistant
  • Contract Manager
  • Solicitor
  • Facilities Assistant