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  • Managing long-term sickness absence 2016

    6 December 2016

    The latest XpertHR research looks at how employers are managing long-term sickness absence and their use of the Government's new Fit for Work service.

  • Managing long-term sickness absence: XpertHR survey 2015

    10 February 2015

    Long-term sickness absence can have a severe adverse effect on the workplace. Latest research from XpertHR examines the steps employers are taking to face this challenge.

  • Managing the phased return-to-work process: XpertHR survey

    26 January 2015

    Latest XpertHR research examines the most effective methods for supporting a phased return to work for employees that have been on long-term sickness absence.

  • XpertHR long-term sickness absence survey 2011: employers' experience

    27 September 2011

    The impact of long-term sickness absence differs widely among employers, according to the latest XpertHR research. While it accounts for, on average, 28% of all days lost to sickness, this varies from nought to 90%, with the lowest impact occurring most frequently among small and medium-sized organisations (SMEs).

  • Use of absence triggers in managing absence: the 2010 IRS survey

    23 February 2010

    Many organisations are using several different measures to trigger a management reaction to employee absence. This IRS survey examines those measures and the actions taken as a consequence.

  • Managing long-term sickness absence: the 2009 IRS survey

    4 June 2009

    This IRS survey includes feedback from more than 170 employers about the ways in which they manage long-term sickness absences, the measures they have found prove most effective and the impact on their organisations of such extended periods of sick leave.

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