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  • Managing change survey 2010: lessons learned

    20 September 2010

    Our research finds that recent major change programmes have helped increase profits at just one in four organisations. Employers have been hampered mostly by employee resistance and difficult economic conditions.

  • Change management survey 2010: training and skills

    8 September 2010

    Our research finds that a lack of in-house change management expertise was an issue for six in 10 employers during their most recent change programmes.

  • Managing change survey 2010: the role of HR

    6 September 2010

    Our research finds that HR professionals want to be involved as early as possible in organisational change, so they can influence the way change is managed, minimise the negative impact on employees, and improve success rates of such programmes.

  • IRS internal communications survey 2010: managing change

    12 July 2010

    Employers are aware of the importance of communicating during periods of change, and four in 10 say they have changed their approach to employee communications as a result of difficult economic circumstances, finds the IRS 2010 survey on internal communications.

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