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  • Annual leave survey 2017

    5 May 2017

    XpertHR research looks at annual leave provision, how employers calculate holiday pay, and arrangements for unused holiday entitlement.

  • Christmas and New Year working arrangements 2016/2017

    7 November 2016

    XpertHR's latest research on Christmas and New Year working arrangements finds that employers will spend an average of £27,000 on celebrations during the 2016/2017 holiday period.

  • Annual leave: 2016 survey of employer practice

    16 May 2016

    This XpertHR survey on annual leave arrangements covers responses from 365 employers and details the median basic holiday entitlement, plus the formulas used by employers to calculate holiday pay.

  • Supporting carers: XpertHR survey 2014

    12 May 2014

    Latest XpertHR research explores how employers support employees with caring responsibilities, including how they deal handle requests for flexible working and leave.

  • Employers' use of competencies: XpertHR survey 2014

    12 May 2014

    Latest research from XpertHR investigates the diverse ways in which competencies - that is, the skills, knowledge and behaviours possessed by employees - may be used to help drive high levels of organisational performance.

  • Discipline and grievance: 2013 XpertHR survey

    23 September 2013

    Latest XpertHR research investigates the procedures that 166 employers have in place to handle discipline and grievance in the workplace.

  • Flexible working policies and practice: 2013 XpertHR survey

    22 April 2013

    The latest XpertHR research on flexible working explores employers' policies and trends surrounding flexible working requests. It also examines the benefits and challenges of offering flexible working to employees.

  • Using background checks for recruitment: 2013 XpertHR survey

    27 March 2013

    Our latest research explores the key issues arising when carrying our background checks on potential recruits - for example, how best to obtain references and how employers deal with references or criminal records checks that reveal adverse information about candidates.

  • Annual leave 2011: the XpertHR survey of employer practice - tables

    1 August 2011

    This article contains the tables showing paid holiday entitlements by sector included in the annual leave survey 2011.

  • Working with trade unions: time off and facilities

    9 August 2010

    The 2010 IRS survey on working with trade unions looks at the time-off arrangements and facilities for trade unions and trade unionists in the workplace.

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