All items: Religion or belief discrimination

  • 2011 XpertHR dress codes survey: defining acceptable work wear

    4 April 2011

    We examine the content of formal, casual and relaxed dress codes and employer attitudes to religious headwear and accessories in this part of our report on the XpertHR dress codes survey. We also discover how employers are avoiding potential discrimination law pitfalls.

  • Monitoring equality and diversity in recruitment: the 2009 IRS survey

    19 October 2009

    The latest IRS survey explores the plans and procedures in place at 104 employers to maximise equality and diversity in the recruitment process. It also examines how organisations monitor equal opportunities in recruitment and captures employers' feedback on the benefits of employing a diverse workforce.

  • Equality and diversity in the workplace: 2009 IRS survey

    22 June 2009

    This research explores the resources, plans and procedures in place at 140 employers to address equality and diversity issues, and finds that two-thirds aim to put diversity and equality at the heart of what they do.

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