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  • Stress management: 2013 XpertHR survey

    12 November 2013

    This year's XpertHR survey of stress management is based on feedback from 151 employers on the steps they take to manage, prevent and reduce stress among employees in the worplace.

  • Stress management survey 2011: risk assessment and training

    20 December 2011

    This XpertHR report finds that line manager training is the most important type of stress management training, although only a minority of employers provide such training or undertake risk assessments.

  • Practical steps to manage stress: the 2011 survey

    12 December 2011

    The latest XpertHR research reports on the steps employers are taking to prevent and manage stress at work, including sickness absence measures and occupational health support.

  • Stress management training: the 2010 IRS survey

    8 March 2010

    Equipping line managers with good people management skills is considered the most important type of training intervention for dealing with stress at work, according to this IRS survey.

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