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  • XpertHR international HR management survey 2014

    5 December 2014

    The first XpertHR survey of international HR practice reveals how employers need to balance clear policies with flexibility, while managing the competing local and global needs of employees and the organisation.

  • XpertHR learning budgets survey 2014: maximising efficiency

    20 October 2014

    Our annual learning and development survey examines steps taken by employers to increase the cost effectiveness of training and reveals the impact of these changes.

  • Supporting carers: XpertHR survey 2014

    12 May 2014

    Latest XpertHR research explores how employers support employees with caring responsibilities, including how they deal handle requests for flexible working and leave.

  • Employers' use of competencies: XpertHR survey 2014

    12 May 2014

    Latest research from XpertHR investigates the diverse ways in which competencies - that is, the skills, knowledge and behaviours possessed by employees - may be used to help drive high levels of organisational performance.

  • HR roles and responsibilities: 2014 XpertHR survey

    17 March 2014

    Our annual survey of HR roles and responsibilities - now in its 12th year - finds contrasting priorities for public- and private-sector HR practitioners. We report on key metrics for the HR function and priorities for the year ahead.

  • HR careers: 2014 XpertHR survey

    6 January 2014

    Our survey among HR professionals, with 557 respondents, explores how people entered the profession, the qualifications they hold and the barriers they have experienced in career progression.

  • Flexible working policies and practice: 2013 XpertHR survey

    22 April 2013

    The latest XpertHR research on flexible working explores employers' policies and trends surrounding flexible working requests. It also examines the benefits and challenges of offering flexible working to employees.

  • HR roles and responsibilities: 2013 XpertHR survey

    18 February 2013

    Our annual survey of HR roles and responsibilities - now in its 11th year - finds the profession returning to business as usual following a few turbulent years. We report on the key priorities for HR practitioners and compare these by sector.

  • How to deal with bullying and harassment: 2012 XpertHR survey

    19 November 2012

    Bullying and harassment are widespread issues in the workplace and can best be tackled using mediation, training and employee awareness campaigns, according to XpertHR research. Although two-thirds of respondents say that this type of behaviour rarely occurs, there is room for employers to improve employee understanding of the issue and to ensure that breaches can be reported privately, and investigated in a skilled and independent manner.

  • How to measure the success of learning: the 2012 XpertHR survey

    5 September 2012

    Our research finds that line manager input can be key to the successful evaluation of learning at an individual level, but this is jeopardised where managers lack commitment.

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