Impact of Agency Workers Regulations: the 2012 XpertHR survey

In this article on the 2012 XpertHR agency workers survey, we examine the impact of the Agency Workers Regulations on employers' use of temporary staff.

On this page:
Employers' use of agencies
Chart 1: Employers' changes in use of agencies since introduction of Regulations
Types of roles for temporary staff
Chart 2: Types of roles for which employers use agencies
Agency workers' entitlement to collective facilities
Chart 3: Methods of informing agency workers about their entitlement to collective facilities
Entitlement to basic working and employment rights
Anti-avoidance measures
Information requests from temporary workers
Chart 4: Requests from agency workers for information about day-one/equal-treatment rights
Identifying a comparator
Chart 5: How easy is it for employers to identify a comparator?
Role of line managers in managing agency staff
Chart 6: How employers inform line managers of the law regarding agency workers
Impact of the Agency Workers Regulations
Our research
Additional resources on XpertHR.