In this article on the 2012 XpertHR agency workers survey, we examine the impact of the Agency Workers Regulations on employers' use of temporary staff.

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Employers' use of agencies
Chart 1: Employers' changes in use of agencies since introduction of Regulations
Types of roles for temporary staff
Chart 2: Types of roles for which employers use agencies
Agency workers' entitlement to collective facilities
Chart 3: Methods of informing agency workers about their entitlement to collective facilities
Entitlement to basic working and employment rights
Anti-avoidance measures
Information requests from temporary workers
Chart 4: Requests from agency workers for information about day-one/equal-treatment rights
Identifying a comparator
Chart 5: How easy is it for employers to identify a comparator?
Role of line managers in managing agency staff
Chart 6: How employers inform line managers of the law regarding agency workers
Impact of the Agency Workers Regulations
Our research
Additional resources on XpertHR.