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  • Employee engagement survey 2011: increased awareness, but falling levels

    28 November 2011

    Our research into employee engagement finds that awareness is growing among organisations, and many private sector employers especially are making concerted efforts to improve it. Respondents also believe that pay, quality of line management and job security are the factors that have the greatest influence on employee engagement.

  • Informal versus formal succession planning strategies

    21 March 2011

    Succession planning can be a low-cost way of retaining key employees and filling important posts, but our latest research finds that few employers invest in a formal process.

  • The impact of the recession on recruitment: the April 2009 IRS survey

    6 July 2009

    By April 2009, the recession had already led many employers to reduce or freeze their vacancies and cut their recruitment budgets. This IRS survey maps recent developments and looks at what the future holds for the demand for recruits and the ways in which they are recruited.

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