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  • Graduate recruitment heats up, salaries stay frozen

    10 August 2016

    Employers have frozen graduate starting salaries for the eighth year in a row, despite an overall pick-up in graduate recruitment, latest XpertHR Benchmarking research finds.

  • Graduate starting salaries 2015: Pay static as recruitment slows

    2 October 2015

    The graduate labour market is showing signs of cooling, XpertHR research finds. UK employers have frozen graduate starting salaries for a seventh consecutive year and graduate recruitment activity is slowing down.

  • Graduate recruitment and starting salaries: XpertHR 2013 survey

    2 October 2013

    The current outlook and starting salaries for graduates remain steady but employers are optimistic about future hiring intentions, finds the latest XpertHR research.

  • Graduate starting salaries: 2012 XpertHR survey

    17 December 2012

    Our 23rd annual survey of starting salaries for graduates finds that they have been frozen for the fourth consecutive year. Our research also shows that starting salaries for the graduate class of 2012 will stand at a median of £23,500, with those graduates taking up jobs in the legal profession once again enjoying the highest salaries.

  • Recruiting and selecting graduates: 2012 XpertHR survey

    28 November 2012

    Our annual XpertHR survey finds that graduate recruitment activity is picking up, with notifying vacancies to university careers services and using the employer’s corporate website forming the two most popular candidate-attraction methods. Our results also indicate that more than one employer in three has encountered problems when recruiting graduates over the past two years.

  • XpertHR graduate recruitment survey 2010: recruitment and selection

    29 November 2010

    The annual XpertHR survey of graduate recruitment looks at the prospects for the 2010/11 hiring round and highlights the most effective attraction and selection techniques.

  • XpertHR graduate recruitment survey 2010: changes and barriers

    29 November 2010

    Our annual survey of graduate recruitment investigates that the enhancements employers have made to their recruitment and selection process as well as the barriers they face in attracting and selecting top-quality graduates.

  • Graduate recruitment survey 2009/10

    16 November 2009

    The 20th IRS annual graduate recruitment survey investigates the effect of the current economic climate on the 2009/10 hiring round, highlights the most effective ways that employers have found to attract and select graduate recruits and looks at any changes or barriers to graduate recruitment.

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