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  • Employee notice periods: getting the balance right

    6 October 2016

    XpertHR Benchmarking research has found that most employers are happy with the way notice periods work at their organisation, balancing the needs of the employer with those of the individual.

  • Redundancy policies and procedures: the 2015 XpertHR survey

    6 July 2015

    The second part of XpertHR research into redundancy explores how employers manage the process, including what selection criteria is used and what compensation is paid to those who are made redundant, as well as any alternative measures employers use to avoid redundancy.

  • Redundancy activity: the 2015 XpertHR survey

    22 June 2015

    Latest XpertHR research on redundancy reveals ongoing job losses across the UK in 2014, with further redundancies expected in 2015 - particularly among large employers and in the public sector.

  • Using background checks for recruitment: 2013 XpertHR survey

    27 March 2013

    Our latest research explores the key issues arising when carrying our background checks on potential recruits - for example, how best to obtain references and how employers deal with references or criminal records checks that reveal adverse information about candidates.

  • Managing older workers without a default retirement age: 2013 XpertHR survey

    12 March 2013

    Our latest research on the removal of a default retirement age finds evidence of changes to retirement ages. We explore employers' views on the changes and the benefits as identified by our respondents. The difficulties as identified by respondent organisations are also documented.

  • Labour turnover rates: 2012 XpertHR survey

    21 August 2012

    The latest XpertHR research shows that employers experienced a median voluntary resignation rate of 7.9% in 2011 and a median total staff turnover rate of 13.2%, but there are the usual variations in labour turnover patterns according to industry and occupation.

  • Redundancies continue in 2011/12: the XpertHR survey

    14 May 2012

    Widespread redundancy programmes are back on the agenda for the majority of organisations, our latest survey finds, with no signs of the situation improving in the remainder of 2012.

  • Labour turnover rates: XpertHR survey 2011

    18 July 2011

    The latest XpertHR research shows that voluntary resignation rates stood at an average of 10.1% in 2010, with the highest rates experienced by private sector services companies. We also find that the recession is still having a negative impact on some organisations' labour turnover patterns, although a few employers report a slight improvement in the external job market.

  • Labour turnover rates: XpertHR survey 2011 - charts

    18 July 2011

    This article contains the charts showing resignation rates by occupation contained in the labour turnover survey 2011.

  • Retirement survey 2011: employers respond to the end of the default retirement age

    31 May 2011

    The 2011 XpertHR survey on the abolition of the default retirement age finds that seven employers in 10 will not be requiring employees to retire at a given age, but the remaining three in 10 remain undecided about what approach they will adopt.

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