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  • How to measure the success of learning: the 2012 XpertHR survey

    5 September 2012

    Our research finds that line manager input can be key to the successful evaluation of learning at an individual level, but this is jeopardised where managers lack commitment.

  • Employer approaches to training requests: XpertHR survey 2011

    6 July 2011

    XpertHR research finds that most employers already process and grant requests for training and regard the employee right to make a request in relation to study or training as irrelevant. However, the new legislation has had a positive impact at some organisations and half believe that the law should be extended to SMEs.

  • Stress management training: the 2010 IRS survey

    8 March 2010

    Equipping line managers with good people management skills is considered the most important type of training intervention for dealing with stress at work, according to this IRS survey.

  • Evaluation of training: the 2010 IRS survey

    3 March 2010

    IRS research finds that the most effective ways to evaluate training are appraisals and follow-up conversations with line managers.

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