Employment rights

Susan DennehyEditor's message: Employees have rights relating to almost every aspect of the employment relationship, including working hours, disciplinary action and personal data. Different classes of worker have different rights, so to navigate through the minefield, use Quick reference > Statutory rights available to workers/employees/employee shareholders.

The right to request flexible working is applicable to all employees with 26 weeks' service (previously the right was only available to employees with children and carers of adult dependants). Employers must consider requests in a "reasonable manner". See Requests for flexible working.

The calculation of holiday pay can prove complex. Our Annual leave, with accompanying PowerPoint presentation, takes line managers through the laws on holiday entitlement and holiday pay. From 1 July 2015, claims for unlawful deductions from wages in respect of arrears of pay for holiday, are limited to a period of two years prior to the presentation of the claim to an employment tribunal (for claims presented on or after 1 July 2015). See Claims for arrears of holiday pay limited to two years.

Susan Dennehy, employment law editor

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