Protection from detriment

Susan DennehyEditor's message: There are a range of circumstances in which employees may make an employment tribunal claim where they have been subjected to a detriment, for example in relation to jury service, a refusal to do shop and betting work on Sunday, working time, reasons related to recognition or derecognition of a trade union, family-friendly rights or making a protected disclosure. See Statutory rights with no qualifying period.

Our Good practice manual > Protecting the business > whistleblowing provides practical guidance for employers on reducing the risk that employees will experience a detriment for blowing the whistle.

Recent changes have brought student nurses and student midwives into the scope of the whistleblowing legislation and introduced an updated list of prescribed persons and bodies. You can keep up to date with Employment law manual > Public interest disclosures > Whistleblowing > Future developments.

Susan Dennehy, employment law editor

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