Rights in relation to specific types of worker

Qian MouEditor's message: Certain categories of worker, for example part-time workers, agency workers and posted workers, have different employment rights, of which your organisation needs to be aware.

You should keep track of the different types of worker in your organisation to ensure that they are treated in accordance with the law. You should also take care to update the status of workers over the course of their time with your organisation, including issuing a new contract or updated terms and conditions of employment where appropriate.

Posted workers (workers who, for a limited period of up to one year, carry out their work in another EU member state) are entitled to terms and conditions at least equal to those guaranteed to workers in the member state they have gone to work in. The Posted Workers (Enforcement of Employment Rights) Regulations 2016, which came into effect in June 2016, aim to improve the enforcement and implementation of the 1996 Posted Workers Directive.

Qian Mou, employment law editor

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