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  • Disability discrimination

    Employment law manual

    Updated to include information on Herry v Dudley Metropolitan Council, in which the EAT considered stress as a mental impairment, and Home Office (UK Visas & Immigration) v Kuranchie, which deals with reasonable adjustments.

  • Helping young people with autism into work

    5 July 2013
    Commentary and analysis

    The National Autism Strategy aims to help all adults with autism into work. Kellie Nauls, project coordinator for the Moving On Employment Project in the Shetland Islands, talks about how a pilot in the region is helping young people with autism to find and keep a job.

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    Legal timetable

    Section 159 of the Equality Act 2010 prescribes that employers are, in certain circumstances, not prohibited from treating individuals with a protected characteristic more favourably than others in connection with recruitment or promotion, if the more favourable treatment is intended to enable or encourage those individuals to overcome or minimise a disadvantage or participate in an activity where they are under-represented in that activity.

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