Community involvement/volunteering

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  • Managing volunteers in the workplace

    28 May 2012
    Commentary and analysis

    Volunteering is a major activity in the UK, with many employers either sponsoring their staff to volunteer outside the organisation, or relying on volunteers themselves to carry out their work in the community.

  • Policy on supporting employees doing volunteer work

    Policies and documents

    A model policy to encourage and support employees who wish to do volunteer work within the community or for charitable institutions.

  • Case study: Reward and corporate responsibility at Aviva

    4 September 2009
    Case studies

    Insurance group Aviva has a strong commitment to corporate responsibility (CR), and uses a range of reward initiatives to encourage and enable employees to play their part in putting it into practice.

  • Consultation on Workers' Memorial Day

    29 July 2009

    The Government consults on proposals for the official recognition of Workers' Memorial Day.

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