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  • HR careers: 2014 XpertHR survey

    6 January 2014
    Survey analysis

    Our survey among HR professionals, with 557 respondents, explores how people entered the profession, the qualifications they hold and the barriers they have experienced in career progression.

  • After A-levels: can we get over the careers advice gap?

    21 August 2013
    Commentary and analysis

    The British Chambers of Commerce has argued that the Government places too much emphasis on exams. Betsy Kendall, COO of business psychology firm OPP, asks: how can employers and higher education institutes find out what motivates their future recruits beyond their exam results?

  • Date:
    6 June 2013
    Legal timetable

    The draft Regulations prescribe three alternative ways of working that meet the definition of full-time occupation under s.5 of the Education and Skills Act 2008.

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