Podcast: 2017 employment law agenda

In this week's feature-length podcast, we discuss the key legislative developments affecting employers in 2017, including: gender pay gap reporting; the apprenticeship levy; public-sector exit payments and changes to statutory rates.

With many of the changes likely to affect employers of all sizes and in differing sectors, we consider what employers need to do to prepare and plan for the year ahead and beyond.

The timestamps below will help you to navigate to the key developments discussed in this podcast:

  • Brexit [00:41];
  • gender pay gap reporting [01:29];
  • the apprenticeship levy [05:55];
  • the Trade Union Act 2016 [07:42];
  • public-sector exit payments [10:11];
  • tax-free childcare, salary-sacrifice schemes and pensions advice allowance [11:20];
  • Sunday working [13:58];
  • immigration skills charge and tier 2 foreign workers sponsorship [15:00]; and
  • national minimum wage and statutory rate changes [15:43].

Presented by Laura Merrylees and Ellie Gelder. Edited and produced by Clare Allerton.

Employment law agenda: 2017

6 January 2017