Podcast: Disciplinary procedures and dismissal

On this week's XpertHR Weekly, we discuss the disciplinary process in the context of potential dismissals and, in particular, the importance of ensuring that disciplining managers comply with the employer's own procedure. We look at a recent case in which the chair of the disciplinary panel lacked adequate training and experience in conducting disciplinary hearings and the extent to which this, and the misapplication of the employer's procedure, contributed to the outcome in the unfair dismissal claim.

We also look at case in which the common problem of how to proceed when an employee raises a grievance during disciplinary proceedings, was considered.

Presenter Clio Springer is joined by Fiona Cuming. Edited and produced by Laura Kimpton.

XpertHR Weekly

Podcast: Disciplinary procedures

Audio: XpertHR Weekly; 22 May 2015

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