Podcast: Employment law update with Darren Newman

In this week's feature-length podcast, hosts Laura Merrylees and Ellie Gelder, are joined by Darren Newman, leading employment law expert, for a round table discussion on the key employment law trends and changes that are affecting the HR landscape. We look at a range of topics, including gender pay gap reporting; the Trade Union Act 2016; public-sector exit payments and employment status.

Looking beyond the impact of upcoming legislative changes, we also discuss risk areas for HR relating to litigation and reputation, and the steps that can be taken to minimise those risks.

Key developments discussed in this podcast include:

  • Brexit [01:00];
  • gender pay gap reporting [02:41];
  • the Trade Union Act 2016 [10:53];
  • public-sector exit payments [15:41];
  • the General Data Protection Regulation [17:43];
  • employment status [24:19];
  • employment tribunal decisions online [30:19];
  • case update [34:56];
  • ACAS early conciliation [43:30]; and
  • a summary of April changes [46:33].

Presented by Laura Merrylees and Ellie Gelder. Edited and produced by Claire Scullin.

Employment law update with Darren Newman

3 March 2017