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Podcast: Five key cases for HR to look out for

The headlines are being dominated by "gig economy" employment status cases, but there are plenty of other important employment law cases coming up. We discuss the potential implications for employers of forthcoming rulings on whistleblowing, data protection, restrictive covenants, covert CCTV and violence at work-related social events.

The five cases that we discuss pose the following questions:

  • Can the nefarious motives of a line manager who manipulates an innocent decision-maker into dismissing an employee be taken into account in an unfair dismissal case?
  • Can an employer that has taken adequate security measures still be liable for a rogue ex-employee's data breaches?
  • Is a restrictive covenant that prevents an ex-employee from being "concerned or interested in" a competitor for six months too wide to be enforceable?
  • Is an employer that introduces widespread covert CCTV to tackle thefts breaching employees' right to privacy?
  • Can an employer be liable for a managing director's random act of violence at a post-Christmas party drinking session?

Presenter Laura Merrylees is joined by Stephen Simpson. Edited and produced by Colin Miller.

Podcast: Five key cases for HR to look out for

6 July 2018