Podcast: How should employers manage breastfeeding employees?

On this week's XpertHR Weekly, we discuss how employers should manage mothers returning to work when they are continuing to breastfeed. We consider the requirements for employers to provide rest facilities for breastfeeding mothers and to carry out risk assessments, as well as what employers must do to ensure that breastfeeding mothers are not exposed to risks that could harm their babies. Our discussion also covers why it is important for employees to notify their employees that they are breastfeeding and when they stop. In addition, we review the benefits of a written breastfeeding policy and how employers can provide practical support for breastfeeding mothers.

Presenter Jeya Thiruchelvam is joined by Felicity Alexander. Edited and produced by Laura Kimpton.

XpertHR Weekly

Podcast: How should employers manage breastfeeding employees?

Audio: XpertHR Weekly; 29 May 2015

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