Podcast: How to avoid a workplace nightmare this Christmas

We discuss practical steps that employers can take to avoid bad behaviour, such as sexual harassment and fighting, at their workplace Christmas party. We also look at attendance and absence issues involving: unauthorised absence; refusal to work overtime; annual leave requests; and attendance allowances.

This week's podcast covers bad behaviour at workplace Christmas parties, particularly:

  • equality laws relevant to sexual harassment [00:41];
  • how to prevent bad behaviour [04:08];
  • what can happen if sexual harassment takes place [05:58]; and
  • what can happen if there is a fight [08:44].

The podcast goes on to cover the potential absence and attendance issues during the busy Christmas period arising from:

  • unauthorised absence, typically because the employee has been partying the previous night [11:57];
  • an employee's refusal to work shifts or overtime [12:55];
  • annual leave [17:58]; and
  • attendance allowances [23:08].

In addition to listening to the audio, you can download the podcast transcript.

Presenter Susan Dennehy is joined by Stephen Simpson. Edited and produced by Laura Kimpton.

How to avoid a workplace nightmare this Christmas

25 November 2016