Podcast: Key employment cases for 2017

In this week's podcast, we predict the key cases for 2017. We explain why employment status in the gig economy will be a big talking point, and flag up a major equal pay case against a private-sector employer.

We also explain how case law on the definition of "in the public interest" in whistleblowing is expected to develop, and look forward to Unison's final bid to have employment tribunal fees ruled unlawful.

We finish by flagging up two European cases on religious discrimination in dress codes, and provide a warning that employers have not seen the last of the case law on "discrimination arising from disability".

In addition to listening to the audio, you can download the podcast transcript.

Presenter Ellie Gelder is joined by Stephen Simpson. Edited and produced by Clare Allerton.

Podcast: Key employment cases for 2017

9 December 2016