Podcast: October 2016 and beyond

In this week's feature-length podcast, employment lawyer and part-time employment judge Laurie Anstis provides an update on the key legal developments affecting employers from October 2016 and beyond, including: changes to the national minimum wage rates; reforms to employment tribunals; public-sector exit payments; important case decisions to look out for; the Trade Union Act 2016; and the apprenticeship levy.

We also discuss other potential changes on the horizon, including changes to: taxation on termination payments; post-termination restrictions; and the rights of pregnant workers.

The timestamps below will help you to navigate to the key legal developments discussed in this podcast, including:

  • national minimum wage rates [00:50];
  • public-sector English language requirements [04:20];
  • reforms to employment tribunals [04:45];
  • public-sector exit payments [11:10];
  • important case decisions to look out for [12:03];
  • the Trade Union Act 2016 [15:00];
  • apprenticeship levy [17:00];
  • salary sacrifice and benefits in kind [17:31];
  • taxation of termination payments [18:16];
  • gender pay gap reporting [19:18];
  • shared parental leave for grandparents [20:00];
  • General Data Protection Regulation [20:38];
  • post-termination restrictions [21:35];
  • pregnancy and maternity [22:07]; and
  • Brexit [22:50].

In addition to listening to the audio, you can download the podcast transcript.

Presenter Ellie Gelder is joined by Laurie Anstis. Edited and produced by Claire Scullin.

October 2016 and beyond

30 September 2016