Podcast: The Taylor review

Fiona Rushforth, senior associate at law firm Wedlake Bell, joins us to discuss the key principles and recommendations of Matthew Taylor's review of modern employment practices. We discuss what this review means for employers, including in relation to the proposals to:

  • rename as "dependent contractors" the category of people who have "worker" status;
  • make changes to the worker status test;
  • close the loophole that allows agency workers to be paid less than employees doing the same job;
  • change the way in which pay is calculated in the gig economy;
  • pay a higher national minimum wage for non-guaranteed hours in a contract; and
  • make changes to tribunal fees in employment status cases and the enforcement process for awards.

Presenter Laura Merrylees is joined by Fiona Rushforth. Edited and produced by Laura Kimpton.

The Taylor review

21 July 2017