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Webinar: HR's questions on dismissal

Darren Newman Laurie Anstis

This special Q&A surgery addresses the legal and practical issues that arise when dismissing an employee.

Senior employment lawyers Darren Newman (pictured above, right) and Laurie Anstis (pictured below, right) provide a brief overview on dismissals, particularly redundancy and capability dismissals, before answering your questions during a 45-minute Q&A session.

In this Q&A surgery, Laurie and Darren will answer questions such as:

  • Are employers legally obliged to offer alternative employment before dismissing an employee for ill health?
  • Is it possible to dismiss an employee who has been promoted but is incapable of carrying out his or her new role?
  • During a redundancy exercise, what should employers consider when identifying the pool of employees at risk of redundancy?
  • Where two employees are in conflict at work, is it possible to dismiss one or both employees fairly?
  • When is it fair to dismiss an employee when his or her conduct brings the employer into disrepute?