Richard Wilkes

Richard Wilkes is the founder of leading drama-based training company, Steps. He has always been interested in how environments and cultures shape behaviour, and the effect of that behaviour on others. This interest has led to training as a counsellor, subsequently working in an NHS outpatient unit, and as a mediator.

He designed and delivered Steps programmes around the globe for clients including JPMorgan, Barclays Capital, Grant Thornton, Linklaters, QinetiQ and LOCOG. He has a particular passion for raising awareness of diversity and inclusion within the financial services sector.

Steps is a leading provider of experiential drama-based training with more than 20 years' experience. The company specialises in developing facilitated interactive learning, using drama, to inspire people to act differently. Programmes are tailored to each client, covering areas including diversity, performance management, challenging conversations and customer service.