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  • Case study: Total reward at Arup

    19 February 2009

    Engineering consultancy Arup has made online total reward statements available to its employees worldwide, reflecting its holistic "total design" approach to reward.

  • Case study: Making team bonuses pay at Fenner Dunlop

    23 January 2009

    We profile the experience of manufacturer Fenner Dunlop in the design, implementation and subsequent evolution of its team bonus scheme, which has delivered significant productivity improvements while boosting teamworking practices.

  • Case study: Total reward at Kent County Council

    4 December 2008

    Kent County Council has developed a total reward strategy, and is planning to introduce online total reward statements to ensure its employees understand the value of their employment package.

  • Case study: Introducing a global reward strategy at Achilles Group

    4 March 2008

    Achilles Group undertook two ambitious reward initiatives in parallel: introducing a global grading structure; and launching a new management bonus scheme for those assigned to higher grades.

  • Case study: Relaunching reward at Aspire Housing

    14 January 2008

    Job evaluation has been central to the wholesale relaunch of reward at Aspire Housing. It was designed to provide a transparent and cost-effective system linking pay to corporate values.

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