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Latest items in Commentary and analysis

  • COVID-related employment cases: 10 key lessons for employers

    19 November 2021

    Employment tribunals have been deciding coronavirus-related cases throughout 2021. We set out 10 key first-instance rulings related to the pandemic and highlight what lessons employers can learn from them.

  • Ethnicity pay gap: Lords debate mandatory reporting

    28 October 2021

    A House of Lords debate on the introduction of mandatory ethnicity pay reporting outlined why this issue needs a business case, not just a moral imperative. Ranjit Dhindsa, head of employment, pensions, immigration and compliance at Fieldfisher, examines the issues.

  • Right to request flexible working reforms: Practical implications for employers

    7 October 2021

    The Government has put forward its proposals to reform the statutory right to request flexible working. What are the proposed changes and what impact will they have on how employers handle flexible working requests?

  • The future of the workplace: how HR is dealing with hybrid working challenges and reluctant returners

    7 October 2021

    After 18 or more months of employees working at home, XpertHR research finds that the introduction of hybrid working is revealing challenges around collaboration, consistency, engagement, wellbeing and - in some cases - how to manage those who remain reluctant to return to the workplace, even on a hybrid basis.

  • Statutory carer's leave: How will the new employment right work?

    4 October 2021

    The Government has confirmed its plans for the introduction of a statutory right to carer's leave. How will this new type of leave operate and what impact will it have on how employers support carers?

  • Understanding and accommodating non-binary identities within the workplace

    4 October 2021

    What does non-binary mean? The term, which has been more widely used in recent years, is used to refer to the identity of individuals whose gender identity falls outside the socially normalised male/female gender binary. This identity is often misunderstood. Georgie Williams explains what it means to describe oneself as non-binary, and the changes that employers can implement to accommodate this variation from the socially encouraged gender binary.

  • Travel disruption: employers' questions answered

    27 September 2021

    Fuel supply issues affecting drivers, eco protesters blocking roads and public transport staff shortages caused by the pandemic can all cause travel disruption for employees trying to get to work. We answer five common questions from employers on the workplace impact of travel disruption.

  • Could long COVID meet the definition of disability?

    16 September 2021

    While not formally recognised as a disability, the effect long COVID may have on a person's ability to work may mean it should be considered as such. Hollie Ryan, senior associate at Stevens & Bolton LLP, looks at the support employers may need to offer staff with persistent symptoms to avoid legal claims.

  • Hybrid working trial periods: A guide for HR

    2 September 2021

    It is good practice for employers to run a trial period before committing to the hybrid working model. A trial period gives them the chance to identify any issues and assess whether individual employees, roles or teams are suited to this new way of working. Stephen Simpson considers how employers can operate an effective hybrid working trial period.

  • Right to work checks: What has changed?

    24 August 2021

    Fragomen reviews the changes to the Government's guidance on right to work checks and sets out what it means for HR teams.

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