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Latest items in Commentary and analysis

  • Brexit: How can HR keep EU workers in the UK?

    19 September 2018

    As the Brexit negotiations approach their final months, Louise Haycock provides a pragmatic analysis of what employers can do to maximise their ability to retain their EU workforce in the UK.

  • MAC report: New immigration system should not favour EEA migrants

    19 September 2018

    A post-Brexit immigration system should make it easier for highly skilled workers to move to the UK and should not favour EU migrants, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended.

  • Learning Live 2018: Six snippets of advice for L&D professionals

    13 September 2018

    The Learning and Performance Institute's Learning Live 2018 conference provided great insights into some of the biggest challenges facing the profession. Martin Couzins highlights six key takeaways for learning professionals.

  • How on-demand data officers can help fill the knowledge gap

    4 September 2018

    Data is an invaluable resource for driving commercial decision-making yet a dearth of people with the requisite skills in the UK has prevented some businesses from exploiting their numbers to the full. On-demand chief data officers could yet prove the best way to unlock data value, writes Jason Foster.

  • Financial services: How to resolve your top three HR challenges

    30 August 2018

    With Brexit looming and AI threatening to replace roles, assessment now has a broader role to play in resolving key talent challenges in the financial services sector, says Andreas Lohff.

  • Gig economy drivers on collision course with GDPR

    16 August 2018

    Some of the major names in the development of the gig economy - such as Deliveroo, Pimlico Plumbers and Uber - may be about to find that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) interferes with core operations within their businesses, writes Seddons solicitor Harry Abrams.

  • How employers can get the best out of data scientists

    16 August 2018

    HR is under pressure to attract the best data science talent so they can unlock valuable business insights. But it's not as straightforward as it seems, as analytics recruitment specialist Kim Nilsson points out.

  • Too much collaboration kills creativity

    15 August 2018

    Researchers in the US have found that collaboration among teams is welcome but that it should be limited to achieve the best results

  • How to get line managers on board with feedback

    13 August 2018

    Managers are so overwhelmed with demands that having regular feedback conversations with employees can be hard to fit in. Roly Walter from performance management software company Appraisd looks at how organisations can provide more support to managers.

  • Tier 2 visa alternatives: Employing skilled non-EEA workers

    9 August 2018

    For eight consecutive months the number of applications for certificates of sponsorship for non-EEA workers have surpassed the number available under the Tier 2 (General) system. But there are alternative routes employers can go down to get the highly-skilled workers they need, as well as ways to maximise their success under the Tier 2 system. Ashleigh Wight reports.