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Diversity, equality and inclusion: Five common misconceptions and mistakes

Author: Georgie Williams

What do we really understand about diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI)? Interest in DEI has boomed in recent years - both in the wider political spheres of the Western world and in a more focused way in the workplace. Georgie Williams explores five common misconceptions we hold, and mistakes we make, around DEI. They go on to explain how to implement effective change.

The intense focus on DEI has facilitated open conversations around sensitive subjects - but often with little discussion about how to enact DEI-conscious policies and practices. With identity politics regarding representation, discrimination and the development of inclusive language taking centre stage in the meeting rooms of organisations across the UK and beyond, it is easy to fixate on awareness and neglect actionable change that implements the values an organisation wishes to uphold. However, DEI does not have to be an intimidating subject, and making it more accessible and easier to implement, starts with addressing common misconceptions surrounding what diversity, equality and inclusion looks like in action.