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  • Could a scholarship help you achieve your people goals?

    29 September 2020

    Offering a scholarship is not just for universities and other educational institutions, it could be a way to fulfil some of your organisation's HR goals. Karen Kennard explains how an employer scholarship can support increased diversity, social mobility and future talent pipelines.

  • Diversity: What does an LGBT-inclusive leader look like?

    8 September 2020

    Sanjay Sood-Smith, executive director of workplace and community programmes at LGBT equality charity Stonewall, gives some tips on being an LGBT-inclusive leader.

  • Time for action on ethnic diversity in the workplace

    11 June 2020

    There are no more excuses in failing to tackle inequality in business and lack of diversity, argue Bina Patel and Ozlem Mehmet, who believe these are best tackled by a prescriptive and proactive approach.

  • Gender pay gap reporting and the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19)

    14 May 2020

    With penalties for failing to publish gender pay gap reports for 2019/20 suspended due to the pandemic, and a lack of clarity about reporting dates for 2020/21, Jo Faragher examines the data and fears that equality may fall off the agenda for some companies.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the rise of remote recruitment

    5 May 2020

    With social distancing guidelines and the increase in remote working due to the coronavirus, employers have been forced to rethink how they recruit and select staff. Graham Brown reports on the rise of video interviews and remoteĀ onboarding of new starters.

  • Ramadan: Top tips for employers

    23 April 2020

    A four-point checklist for employers on how to support employees observing religious festivals.

  • Gender identity: How to be more inclusive when using pronouns

    31 October 2019

    Awareness of gender identity and expression has grown in recent years and it's important for employers to understand how trans, non-binary, genderfluid or genderqueer employees can be affected by the use of incorrect pronouns and mis-gendering. Suki Sandhu, founder and CEO of INvolve - a consultancy championing diversity and inclusion in business, looks at some of the small changes employers can make to be more inclusive.

  • How to tackle imposter syndrome and 'modern racism'

    20 September 2019

    It's not unusual for black people and those from ethnic minority backgrounds to feel they don't belong in certain workplaces. Such insecurities can lead to self-doubt and stress, but there are ways of preventing these feelings affecting work and relationships, writes Binna Kandola.

  • Menopause support in the police sector

    31 July 2019

    We look at how the menopause can affect women working in the police sector and some of the initiatives that are being taken to support them.

  • How recruitment technology can help boost social mobility

    25 July 2019

    The causes of poor social mobility are deep-rooted and complex, but that doesn't mean employers can't do more to attract a diverse talent pool. Jodie Grove explains how technology can break down some of the barriers preventing candidates from applying for certain roles.

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