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  • How can HR use "microlearning" to maximise the impact of D&I training?

    21 March 2022

    For many people, properly understanding diversity and inclusion (D&I), and learning to navigate D&I issues in a business context, can be overwhelming. Stuart Affleck, Director at D&I consultants Brook Graham from Pinsent Masons Vario, looks at how "microlearning" can help staff retain their D&I training.

  • Is it time to rip up the learning and development rulebook?

    8 September 2020

    Leaders have a unique opportunity to question how things have been done in the past and create new organisational norms. What does this mean for learning and development, asks David Williams?

  • Why graduate recruitment doesn't need to be on lockdown

    13 May 2020

    Although some organisations may be putting graduate recruitment and internships on hold to reduce cost, there's no reason why they should be postponed for practical reasons. Nicola Sullivan looks at how technology can allow new recruits to work, learn and meet colleagues entirely online.

  • Coronavirus: How can we prepare for a leader falling ill?

    9 April 2020

    With the Prime Minister in intensive care, the Cabinet is finding a new "business as usual" while its leader recuperates. As more organisations could face periods of self-isolation or worse for senior managers, how can they prepare?

  • Apprenticeships: Challenges and opportunities for local authorities

    12 November 2019

    We look at the challenges that local authorities face in meeting the public sector apprenticeship target, alongside the opportunities that apprenticeships can present for local government employers.

  • The public sector apprenticeship target

    8 August 2017

    This article looks at the public sector apprenticeship target, which applies to certain public bodies in England.

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