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  • You're fired? Why the right contract is key when dismissing apprentices

    4 March 2020

    Organisations might find themselves in hot water if they wish to dismiss an apprentice and don't have a formal apprenticeship agreement in place. Natalie Flynn, employment law solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, looks at the protection they can bring employers.

  • Is succession planning an outdated concept?

    8 January 2020

    Succession planning often focuses on key leaders in the organisation. But in a changing business environment, planning for the future needs to be far more strategic and widespread, argues Miecha Ranea Forbes.

  • Apprenticeships: Challenges and opportunities for local authorities

    12 November 2019

    We look at the challenges that local authorities face in meeting the public sector apprenticeship target, alongside the opportunities that apprenticeships can present for local government employers.

  • Learning Technologies 2019: "Our job is to help people share"

    21 February 2019

    This year's Learning Technologies conference welcomed more than 8,000 delegates. Key topics for discussion included the importance of knowledge sharing and the challenges of uncertainty. Martin Couzins reports.

  • Tailoring learning for a global audience reaps rewards

    13 February 2019

    Most organisations have embraced e-learning, but supporting employees in multiple languages can be a challenge. Julie Giguere explains how getting to grips with this process will help L&D to get the most out employees.

  • Why SMART objective setting is not working

    18 January 2019

    Managers have been advised to use SMART objective-setting at work for years. Although it's an oft-used acronym we've lost sight of its true purpose, argues Paul Marsh.

  • Why diversity isn't the real key to innovation

    29 November 2018

    While diversity is usually regarded as vital to a more innovative organisation, new ideas only come forward when employees feel part of an inclusive culture. Nic Hammarling, head of diversity at Pearn Kandola, explains.

  • Why the public sector must embrace apprenticeships

    19 October 2018

    Requirements for public sector employers to ensure a certain percentage of their workforce is apprentices may pose some organisational challenges, but Simon Rouse from PeoplePlus explains how apprenticeships can also help public sector organisations become more productive and better reflect their communities.

  • World of Learning 2018: Four engagement hacks for L&D teams

    19 October 2018

    Melanie Lepine, group head of learning, development and talent at Domestic and General told delegates at the World of Learning Conference that they must become "change-makers" in their organisation. So how can L&D teams bring about the sort of change where the business sits up and takes note? Martin Couzins reports.

  • The public sector apprenticeship target

    8 August 2017

    This article looks at the public sector apprenticeship target, which applies to certain public bodies in England.

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