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  • What will happen to employment status and the Good Work Plan?

    30 March 2020

    As we continue to face the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, gig workers face a lack of protection from the Government. In contrast, the changes coming in on 6 April and the proposed Employment Bill continue to narrow the gap between the status and rights of workers and employees. Sian Jackson, principal associate at Mills & Reeve LLP, outlines the changes and how organisations should respond.

  • IR35: Time for the private sector to get its house in order?

    17 October 2019

    Recent decisions by major employers to bring all contractors onto payroll have ruffled feathers in the contractor community. Six months before IR35 legislation is extended to the private sector, do employers face a talent drain or can they still engage with a flexible, self-employed workforce without facing the wrath of HMRC? Jo Faragher investigates.

  • What challenges will HR face in the next 10 years?

    29 April 2019

    Making predictions for the workplace is fraught with risk but Emma Shipp and Lynne Adams take a punt on technological change, new legislation, societal trends and, yes, Brexit, to lay out the likely challenges for HR professionals over the next 10 years.

  • Employment status: Supreme Court decision in Pimlico Plumbers awaited with interest

    26 February 2018

    Consultant editor Darren Newman considers the arguments before the Supreme Court in Pimlico Plumbers Ltd and another v Smith, which was heard on 20 and 21 February.

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