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  • Employers' guide to Euro 2020: Five goals for your workplace

    2 June 2021

    Employers should plan ahead to make the most of the positive impact that this large sporting event can have on staff mental health and morale. However, employers also need to take steps to minimise disruption, particularly as a number of games take place during normal office hours and in the early evening.

  • Five potential HR holiday dilemmas this summer

    25 May 2021

    As restrictions on international travel ease, we highlight five potential annual leave issues that employers could face this summer and explain how HR professionals can tackle them.

  • Coronavirus and travel: Seven questions about quarantine

    28 July 2020

    On Saturday, the Government announced that anyone returning from Spain, including the Balearics and Canaries, must self-isolate on their return to the UK for 14 days. Jo Moseley, senior associate solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, considers the employment law implications of quarantine.

  • Coronavirus and carrying over annual leave

    27 May 2020

    With employers required to top up furloughed employees' pay for any annual leave they take, many will be anxious to avoid this extra expense at the current time. However, the result could be a glut of holiday requests towards the end of the leave year. Consultant editor Darren Newman looks at how the coronavirus amendments to the Working Time Regulations may help employers facing this situation.

  • Annual leave and furlough under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

    6 April 2020

    With HR now grappling with the question of how furloughing under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme impacts on employees' ability to take - and their employer's ability to require them to take - annual leave, consultant editor Darren Newman examines the relevant issues.

  • April 2020 employment law changes: Eight tasks for HR

    19 March 2020

    Each April, HR professionals must ensure that their organisation complies with the latest round of amended employment laws and deadlines. As well as dealing with the ongoing impact of coronavirus (Covid-19), important issues for HR in April 2020 include changes to written statements of terms and conditions, the introduction of parental bereavement leave and pay, and changes to the law on calculating holiday pay for workers with irregular hours.

  • Holiday pay calculation and back payments

    8 August 2019

    Consultant editor Darren Newman looks at the latest rulings in a long line of holiday pay cases, including one with significant back-pay implications for Northern Ireland employers. He also explains why the issue of lengthy back-pay periods may not yet be completely resolved for employers in the rest of the UK.

  • Calculating holiday entitlement for term-time workers: is there a simple answer?

    26 April 2019

    In light of new guidance for local government employers on term-time workers, consultant editor Darren Newman looks for a simple way to calculate the holiday entitlement of employees who work only during school terms.

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