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  • Employee wellbeing: Is it ever OK to show emotion at work?

    6 April 2018

    Hillary Clinton's former head of communications has urged women in business to cry more - going against the conventional advice to appear strong if they want to be on a level playing field to men. Life coach Ben Edwards explores how organisations can be supportive of employees' emotional health.

  • Business should put onus on employees' financial wellbeing

    9 January 2018

    Employers should make their employees' financial wellbeing a central part of their strategy, according to a report by Willis Towers Watson.

  • Don't let toxic workplace habits get in the way in 2018

    22 December 2017

    Addiction doesn't have to mean substance dependency - many people have established toxic workplace habits that can make them unhealthy and unproductive. Karen Meager and John McLachlan from Monkey Puzzle Training look at how employers can help staff make the right choices.

  • How communication can support better mental health at work

    21 November 2017

    Employers are arguably more open to mental health conversations than ever before, realising the benefits of supporting staff through stress and anxiety. Jo Salter from PwC reveals how her company and other employers are keeping the lines of communication open.

  • Why employee happiness really matters, and how you can achieve it

    13 November 2017

    How much value should be placed on employees' happiness and what impact does this really have on business success and profitability? Wendy Dean of Strategi Solutions Group explores the real drivers for engagement and how to foster them.

  • Boardroom leadership is the key to lower employee stress

    2 November 2017

    Evidence shows that leadership style has a major impact on levels of employee stress. Juliette Alban-Metcalfe, an occupational psychologist and CEO of Real World Group, looks at how leaders need to change to boost employee performance and improve mental health at work.

  • Getting ready for ISO 45001

    28 September 2017

    A new international standard for occupational safety and health, ISO 45001, is set to be published next year. In advance of a roundtable discussion about the standard at November's Institution of Occupational Safety and Health conference, Marcus Boocock looks at how organisations can get ready for the standard.

  • What is occupational health? A guide for HR and line managers

    31 August 2017

    This article is intended as a resource to help explain occupational health's role to HR or line managers. It may be particularly useful for HR managers who are relatively new to working with occupational health, and who might be working with SMEs with access to a contracted OH provider.

  • Preventing digital overload must become part of employee wellbeing programmes

    1 February 2017

    It is time for businesses to consider the impact of "digital overload" on wellbeing, performance and work-life balance, says Anna Kotwinski, digital wellbeing director of Shine Offline, a company set up to help people manage their use of technology.

  • PTSD in the workplace: how to recognise it and support employees with the disorder

    2 October 2016

    A training programme has been launched for managers dealing with former servicemen and women with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Psychotherapist Piers Bishop explains the rationale behind the programme, and how management training can help all employees with the disorder.

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