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  • How HR practitioners are coping in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

    2 April 2020

    The unprecedented circumstances that businesses are currently working in has led to a surge in workload for the HR department. Sheila Attwood looks at how HR is coping as a profession and what steps practitioners are taking to look after themselves.

  • Employee engagement isn't just HR's responsibility

    12 March 2020

    As UK employee engagement and productivity levels remain stubbornly low, Stuart Hearn explains why improving engagement levels is a job for the whole business, not just HR.

  • How can HR be agile in 2020?

    24 December 2019

    'Agile' has been around as an approach for decades in software development, but is spreading through organisations as they realise that all teams would benefit from working less rigidly. Alistair Shepherd explains how HR can become more agile as we enter the new year.

  • Why performance management and engagement should be linked

    20 December 2019

    Employee engagement and performance management have traditionally been two separate facets of HR's role. But both need to be better aligned for organisations to get the most from their people, argues Jim Barnett.

  • Essential HR metrics for 2020

    13 December 2019

    With data skills increasingly critical for success in the HR profession, new analysis from XpertHR reveals three priority areas for HR metrics data activities in 2020.

  • Three ways to solve the continuous performance management puzzle

    13 August 2019

    Employers are increasingly choosing regular "check-ins" rather than annual reviews to manage employee performance. But what is the best way to implement this strategy? Emil Gigov examines the emerging technology behind continuous performance management (CPM).

  • Has political chaos made us cautious about hiring HR professionals?

    5 July 2019

    The ongoing political uncertainty has led to a high level of caution in hiring organisations. Most HR recruitment has come from replacing leavers or for business critical projects. Henry Lee looks at the market for HR professionals during the first half of this year, and offers some advice for both recruiters and jobseekers.

  • What risks arise from employee 'tipping' apps?

    28 June 2019

    Peer-to-peer "tipping" schemes are rising in popularity in the workplace, but these "recognise and reward" programmes should come with a note of caution, writes Marc Long.

  • International expansion: three HR essentials that get overlooked

    27 June 2019

    With Brexit encouraging a growing number of organisations to establish themselves abroad, Ben Wright explores three people management challenges that are often ignored when companies expand quickly.

  • Police sector: Workplace culture and leadership style

    26 June 2019

    We look at how workplace culture and leadership style are evolving in a police service facing changing challenges.

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