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  • Five ways to make your employee networks more effective

    26 October 2023

    Employee networks are valuable platforms for fostering inclusion, amplifying diverse voices and driving positive change within organisations. Inclusion consultant Gareth Buchanan explores five key ways to make your employee networks more effective.

  • What makes a great employee network?

    13 October 2023

    Employee networks, also known as employee-led diversity networks, employee resource groups (ERGs) and employee affinity groups, play a pivotal and increasingly prominent role in fostering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the most diverse organisations. Inclusion consultant Gareth Buchanan explores the ingredients for making a really great one.

  • Class inequalities in the workplace

    5 October 2023

    An active and practical approach to dismantling classist internal systems and challenging individual biases that persist in many workplaces can negate much of the damage caused by the experience of living in a classist society, says Georgie Williams.

  • Promoting workplace gender equality: Five innovative health-related policies

    9 August 2023

    Employers are increasingly focused on using health initiatives to remove barriers to gender equality, diversity and inclusion. We round up five gender-focused health-related policies that have caught on in UK workplaces in recent years.

  • Supporting Muslims during Eid: Five employer questions

    15 June 2023

    With the Islamic festival of Eid Al-Adha expected to begin on 28 June, many Muslim employees will be preparing for the celebrations. Sabah Ahmedi, one of the UK's youngest Muslim faith leaders, answers some key questions about supporting employees.

  • Ramadan in the workplace: Top tips for employers

    1 March 2023

    The beginning of Ramadan is an ideal time to remind employers of the importance of supporting Muslim staff who are observing the Islamic holy month. We round up five points for employers to remember during Ramadan.

  • Ways to accelerate DEI progress in 2023 and beyond

    30 January 2023

    Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) continues to gain frequent mentions as one of the top trends affecting HR in 2023. But are many employers still falling short when it comes to meaningfully advancing DEI initiatives? And is it still a priority at an organisation's highest levels?

  • Why the EU's adoption of the Women on Boards directive matters

    10 January 2023

    Last October, the Council of the EU adopted the Women on Boards directive, which is aimed at improving the gender imbalance among directors and those in senior roles in listed companies. The UK should take note despite Brexit, writes Fieldfisher's head of employment, Ranjit Dhindsa.

  • Intersectionality in the context of diversity and inclusion: what is it and why is it so important?

    7 November 2022

    Georgie Williams explains intersectionality, how it might play out in the workplace and how adopting an intersectional approach can make your diversity and inclusion practices more effective.

  • HR talking point: Are non-binary employees protected from discrimination at work?

    17 August 2022

    The language of the Equality Act 2010 around gender reassignment discrimination can now seem outdated and raises questions over exactly who the Act covers. XpertHR senior employment law editor Susie Munro looks at the extent of the protection provided to employees who identify as non-binary or gender fluid.

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