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  • Changes to holiday entitlement and pay in 2024: What does HR need to know?

    16 November 2023

    A number of changes to holiday entitlement and pay are due to come in next year, especially for workers with irregular hours and part-year workers. We look at what HR needs to know to be ready for the developments. 

  • Six key takeaways from the 2023 CIPD conference

    13 November 2023

    The people profession is operating in a "VUCA world on steroids" (VUCA = volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). So said CEO Peter Cheese as he welcomed around 1,300 delegates to the 2023 CIPD conference in Manchester.

  • Should we raise the minimum wage for workers on zero hours contracts?

    8 November 2023

    The Workers (Predicable Terms and Conditions) Act 2023 has now received Royal Assent. But will it fix the problem of zero hours contracts and precarious work? Probably not, says XpertHR consultant editor Darren Newman, who casts an eye over Labour's plans for a "New Deal" and points to a forgotten proposal with the potential to make a real difference.

  • Hybrid working - the "new normal": What we found out

    5 October 2023

    Director of Epic HR Gary Cookson recently delivered a webinar for XpertHR entitled Hybrid working - How to personalise the employee experience. During the session, he asked attendees a number of questions about the realities of the new post-Covid world, which is increasingly characterised by hybrid working arrangements.

  • Employment law changes 2023: Progress report for HR

    27 September 2023

    As we plunge into autumn, HR professionals could be forgiven for losing track of all the forthcoming employment law changes and what they mean for their organisation. To assist HR with planning for the rest of the year and beyond, we round up the major employment law changes in the pipeline as of September 2023.

  • Flexible working request reforms: A guide to updating your policy

    4 September 2023

    Forthcoming changes to the law on the right to request flexible working mean that employers will have to amend their flexible working requests policy. We set out nine steps for HR professionals to follow when faced with updating their organisation's policy.

  • Balancing competing rights: A difficult challenge for employers

    4 August 2023

    Ever since religion and belief discrimination was introduced in 2003, a potential conflict of rights has been brewing under the surface, says consultant editor Darren Newman. What if employees express beliefs related to protected characteristics - such as sexual orientation and gender reassignment - that may be upsetting or offensive to others?

  • Developing performance: Five steps to unlocking your workforce's full potential

    6 July 2023

    Organisations benefit when employees contribute ideas, innovate and use creativity to find solutions. But how do you unlock your people's full potential? They need to be stretched, challenged, supported and developed. We set out the five steps to achieving this.

  • Creating and maintaining HR policies: Four key considerations

    15 June 2023

    Do you need to draft a new policy or amend an existing one? Based on the findings of a major new survey, we explore the main issues faced by HR departments and explain what you need to do to tackle them.

  • April 2023 employment law changes: Four tasks for HR

    24 March 2023

    HR professionals must ensure that their organisation is on top of the raft of employment law developments in April 2023. These changes include rises in national minimum wage rates, gender pay gap reporting deadlines, and increases to statutory redundancy pay and maternity pay.

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