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  • Employee engagement and the employee experience

    7 February 2022

    Employee engagement and employee experience are two terms often used in the same breath, but really shouldn't be, says Trevor Merriden. Both have a role to play in any successful organisation, but the meaning and significance of each has diverged since the coronavirus pandemic began, as he explains.

  • FTSE 350 companies "could do better" on employee voice

    25 May 2021

    Many major companies treat their corporate governance responsibilities on workforce representation as a "tick-box exercise" according to a review of current practices by the Involvement and Participation Association.

  • Going beyond "thank you" to recognise staff during the coronavirus pandemic

    30 April 2020

    As we come to the end of six weeks of coronavirus lockdown, HR reports that employee engagement is high. But what are the most innovative employers doing to maintain this?

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