Consultation on implementing the Posted Workers Enforcement Directive

Close date: 24 September 2015

The Posted Workers Enforcement Directive (2014/67/EU) introduces new measures to strengthen the enforcement of the Posted Workers Directive (96/71/EC) in the areas of monitoring and compliance; cross-border cooperation and enforcement of penalties between member states, and introduces subcontracting liability in the construction sector for unpaid wages up to the level of the national minimum wage. The Posted Workers Directive obliges member states to ensure that workers who are posted from one member state to another are entitled to certain minimum employment rights.

The consultation seeks views on the Government's proposals to implement the Posted Workers Enforcement Directive. The Directive must be implemented by 18 June 2016.

Consultation document: Implementing the Posted Workers Enforcement Directive: a consultation

Consultation outcome: Implementing the Posted Workers Enforcement Directive consultation - Government response