Consultation on reform of employment tribunals and the EAT

Close date: 20 January 2017

The Government consults on proposals to reform the employment tribunal system, with a view to extending principles of wider court and tribunal reform to employment tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal. Proposals include:

  • managing claims entirely by electronic means;
  • providing online determinations in suitable cases;
  • delegating case management functions and some other judicial functions to caseworkers;
  • facilitating better use of non-legal members in cases by transferring decision-making on panel composition from the Secretary of State and the Lord Chancellor to the Senior President of Tribunals; and
  • transferring responsibility for procedural rules to the Independent Tribunal Procedure Committee, to bring procedures and processes in the employment tribunal system in line with the rest of the justice system.

Consultation document: Reforming the employment tribunal system
Consultation outcome:Reforming the employment tribunal system: Government response