Consultation on review of state pension age

Close date: 31 December 2016

The Government consults on the state pension age beyond April 2028. Under the Pensions Act 2014, the Government is required to review the state pension age during every Parliament. The independent review is gathering evidence before making its recommendations to the Government in 2017. It will consider a broad range of factors, including the changing demographics, economy and behavioural landscape of the future. It will take into account:

  • what is a suitable state pension age in the immediate future and over the longer term;
  • whether or not the current system of a universal state pension age rising in line with life expectancy best supports affordability, fairness and fuller working lives objectives; and
  • if not, how state pension age arrangements might better support these objectives.

It invites views on the factors it should take into account in making its recommendations.
Consultation document: State pension age independent review: interim report with questions