Consultation on tax-free childcare

Close date: 14 October 2013

The Government consults on the proposed tax-free childcare scheme announced by the Chancellor in Budget 2013, which is due for implementation in autumn 2015. It will apply to families where both parents work (or a single parent works) and each parent earns less than £150,000 per year. Parents with children aged up to five or disabled children aged under 17 will be eligible to receive a contribution towards childcare costs up to a maximum amount of £1,200 for each child (the scheme will be extended to parents with children aged under 12 in due course). The Government seeks input on the design and operation of the scheme. It explains the potential role for employers; they will not be required to play a part in tax-free childcare, but the Government is committed to giving employers an opportunity to remain involved.
Consultation document: Tax-free childcare: consultation on design and operation
Consultation response: Tax-free childcare: the government's response to the consultation on childcare account provision