Consultation on three EU Directives on information and consultation of workers

Close date: 30 June 2015

In July 2013, the European Commission published the generally positive findings of a "fitness check" of the three Directives on information and consultation of workers: Information and Consultation Directive (2002/14/EC); the Collective Redundancies Directive (98/59/EC); and the Acquired Rights Directive (2001/23/EC). The European Commission believes that a consolidation and "recast" of the Directives into a single information and consultation Directive might strengthen the coherence and effectiveness of the EU legislative framework in this area.

This is the first stage of consultation with the European social partners. The European Commission seeks views on whether or not to consolidate the three Directives; align the definitions of the concepts of "information" and "consultation" in the three Directives; and extend the application of the Directives to include public administration or alternatively to align the wording of the exclusion of public administration in the different Directives to improve coherence and legal clarity.

Consultation document: First phase consultation of social partners under Article 154 TFEU on a consolidation of the EU Directives on information and consultation of workers