Inquiry into the future world of work and rights of workers launched

Close date: 19 December 2016

The Government has launched an inquiry into the future world of work. It invites views on a range of issues regarding workers' rights, including whether or not the term "worker" is sufficiently defined in law, and what the status and rights of casual workers, the self-employed, and those working in the "gig economy" should be in terms of employment law, tax and benefits. It also invites views on what the particular issues are in relation to agency workers, including: whether the balance of benefits between the agency worker and the employer is appropriate; what specific provision should be provided for their protection and support; whether there is any evidence of unfairness; and whether or not their use by businesses should be constrained. Further, it seeks to establish what the issues are in relation to zero hours contracts, definitions of flexible contracts, the role of the Low Pay Commission and minimum wage enforcement, and on the role of trade unions in representing the self-employed and those working in non-traditional job roles.
Inquiry: The future world of work and rights of workers