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Closed Consultations Closed Date

Consultation on reforms to fire safety rules

The Government consults on wide-ranging reforms to fire safety rules for buildings in England. This includes proposals to amend the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which sets out fire safety rules for non-domestic premises, including workplaces.

12 October 2020

Consultation on supporting veterans' transition to civilian life through employment

The Government consults on its proposals to introduce a 12-month national insurance contributions relief scheme for employers of veterans.

5 October 2020

Call for evidence on tackling disguised remuneration tax avoidance

The Government launches a call for evidence on tackling disguised remuneration tax avoidance schemes.

30 September 2020

Call for evidence on workplace support for those affected by domestic abuse

The Government launches a call for evidence on what help employers can provide in the workplace to support staff affected by domestic abuse.

9 September 2020

Call for evidence on the shortage occupation list

The Government calls for evidence from the Migration Advisory Committee in relation to the inclusion of medium-skilled migrant workers on the UK shortage occupation list.

24 June 2020

Consultation on carer's leave

The Government is seeking views on proposals to give employees who are carers one week of leave to care for a family member or other dependant with health needs.

8 June 2020

Low Pay Commission consults on national minimum wage

The Low Pay Commission consults on the national minimum wage to assist it in compiling its report for the Government on future upratings of the national minimum wage.

4 June 2020

Consultation on the technical detail of draft legislation for IR35 for the private sector

The Government consults on draft legislation dealing with detailed measures in relation to the off-payroll working rules.

19 February 2020

Call for evidence on labour market enforcement strategy for 2020/21

The Government requests evidence to inform the Director of Labour Market Enforcement's strategy for 2020/2021.

24 January 2020

Consultation on simplifying annual benefit statements for workplace pensions

The Government consults on the options for improving the content and presentation of information provided to members through their annual workplace pension benefit statements.

20 December 2019

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