Low Pay Commission consults on national minimum wage

Close date: 7 July 2017

The Low Pay Commission consults on the national minimum wage to assist it in compiling its report for the Government on future upratings of the national minimum wage. In particular it is considering: the impact of the introduction of the national living wage, and the increase in the national living wage in April 2017, on workers, employers, the labour market and the economy; and the effect on the economy of the UK's decision to leave the EU, such as a weaker currency, higher inflation, and changes to labour supply. It is also reviewing the national minimum wage rates for those aged under 25 and apprentices, in terms of the impact of the national minimum wage on employment prospects, as well as the affordability of future increases. The Low Pay Commission identifies a number of sectors from which it is particularly interested to hear, such as hospitality, social care, retail and hairdressing.
Consultation document: Low Pay Commission consultation 2017